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Hi there!

I'm Scot Wheeler. Since 2010, I have been serving as the Founder and Managing Director at Intelitecht Solutions, providing business advisory services, operations management and investment across technology, digital content, lead generation, and ecommerce companies. I am also the author of 'Architecting Experience: A Conversion Science Handbook'. 

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My Story

I am an analytics-grounded, observation-guided, performance-driving planning and operations leader, an author and educator, and an advisor and investor. My career is propelled by a deep desire to make a difference in organizations. Guided by analytical insights, I specialize in enhancing the performance of organizations through hands-on planning and thoughtful execution. I am also a passionate hobby musician and a dedicated travel baseball parent.

My career in agencies, tech product delivery and consultative services has priviledged me to work with and learn from a wide range of businesses including Conagra, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Ghirardelli, adidas, Yahoo!, HP, Electronic Arts, Motorola, Moen, Casper, AT&T, MasterCard, State Farm, USAA, Progressive and Humana.


Through my experiences, what stands out is my passion for guiding transformation in organizations that are motivated to study and apply analytic insights to design better ways of working. I am inspired to bring out the best in an organization’s people, processes, and platforms.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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