Operations and Investment

Intelligent Performance Architecture

Pre-seed investor and current officer (COO) for Clickvoyant, a SaaS AI-based conversion analyst that delivers the same data-driven insights and data visualization a top-level data analyst could produce – but at the click of a button.

Founder and developer of Kajitate, an AI-based self-discovery platform that uses an initial survey to provide insight into each user’s current moral, civic and philosophical persperctives, and supports users in self-development through recommendations for learning resources, and ongoing AI-based discourse around topics of interest.

Founder and developer of SnapshotDecisions, a decision support interface for marketers that integrates marketing performance data with the expertise of marketing practicioners to allow informed decisions that shifts underperforming and unnecessary spend toward the highest potential areas of marketing investment.

Business Plan advisor/mentor to the Mentor Capital Network, a non-profit startup incubator investing intellectual capital in mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world. MCN has supported more than 1,000 companies operating in more than 100 countries to raise or earn more than $USD 2 billion and have positive impacts on the social and environmental challenges of our world.