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Operational Advancement Services

Enhance your organization's decision-making processes, optimize operational efficiencies, raise employee and customer satisfaction and improve the quality of your organization's output through improvements in your whole business flow; from planning and forecasting to product development, marketing delivery, customer engagement, project management, HR, Finance and IT.

Operations Performance Audit and Activation

Our whole-business audit and activation exercise can be the kick-off to our fractional COO services, or can stand-alone as an organizational improvement project. We will:​

  1. Identify the top process and platform improvement opportunities from across your whole business flow; from business planning and forecasting to product development, marketing spend, customer engagement, project management, HR, Finance and IT.

  2. Estimate the cost benefit in the top improvements. 

  3. Set you on the path to action in implementing those improvements.

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Marketing Ecosystem Enhancement

Create a robust, efficient, and effective marketing ecosystem - within your budget and aligned with your business objectives - to deliver measurable improvements in your marketing outcomes.

Our Marketing Ecosystem Enhancement services will undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your current marketing strategies and tools, focusing on processes and platforms for everything from awareness-oriented organic and paid media campaigns to lead generation with CRM, to targeted outreach at different stages of the purchase funnel. 

Project Management Progression

Our Project Management Progression services provide flexible, specialized oversight of your project management process. 

  • We conduct athorough analysis of your current project management platforms and methodologies.

  • Recommend and implement strategic improvements to better align PM with improved efficiency and enhanced profitability.

  •  Provide fractional PMO (Project Management Office) leadership, playing a crucial part in the governance of the project delivery on an as-needed basis.

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