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Intelligent Performance Architecture

Social Media Activity, Intelligence and Outcomes

Was looking for a very simple way to represent complex process of interwoven activity, intelligence and outcomes. What do you think? Please share comments.

The Interdependence of Communication and Feedback

There are two primary and interdependent activities in social media management: communication and intelligence collection. These activities are interdependent because the style and quality of your communication will influence the context and content of your networks and the intelligence you are thus able to collect from those networks. Very simply, a communication approach that establishes…
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Reciprocity, Engagement and Value in Social Networks

Yes, another post about Empire Avenue – but only because it presents such an interesting little laboratory to examine the valuation of social media activity. In this week’s leader-board analysis, I noted that some of the leading brands in EA were not making purchases in their investors or other EA players. This lack of reciprocation…
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The Social Business Methodology – Keep It Simple

David Armano recently posted a nice concise summary of the paths organizations need to take in order to scale their social engagement from experiment to success. The top path is business planning – setting objectives and expected outcomes and defining the resources and structures that will make these objectives happen. The middle path is strategy…
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The Tao of Social Media

In working with clients to incorporate social media into their business, I am often asked to address the question of who should “own” social media. To answer this question I hand them a copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto and quickly steer them to the work of people like Brian Solis, Steve Rubel, David Armano and…
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Jumo: Cause Curation or Engagement Engine?

Jumo, a new cause-driven social networking site launched in beta on Tuesday by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, shows some promise on first glance as a cause curator, wrapping a lot of information into a nice simple package. However, it is not immediately clear how the site will go beyond making introductions and providing information (worthy…
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Expectations for Oversight in the Age of Social Networks

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how a Harris Poll had been misrepresented as showing that young people were somehow gullible in their trust of advertising, and I promised to follow-up with an examination of the actually meaningful implications of that study. Quite opposite from being gullible, young Americans seem to recognize the…
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Hitting the Right Notes

Online influence can be classified into two primary types; the individual influence of mavens, salespeople and connectors who achieve visibility and credibility within social media networks, and the shared influence that comes from being part of a networked response to a common problem.  There is no symphony without the conductor, the orchestra, and the sheet-music.…
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The Hidden Side of Influence

A simple definition for an “influencer” is someone who has the leverage required to drive an outcome. Very often that leverage is held in the form of information. In the web2.0 world, information-driven influence is frequently understood as the extent to which information can be made public by any single source, that is, the “information…
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Influential Marketing Blog: How Algorithms Could Finally Revolutionize Social Media Marketing

URL:… Great overview of the next step(s) in social media; “teaching” the information stream to personalize our marketing. This process of teaching may be explicit, as in these examples, or passive. Imagine a day when every interaction we have with something digital – who we call on our phone, where we call them from,…
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