Author: Scot Wheeler

Intelligent Performance Architecture

User Experience Design

Good user experience design ensures that your customers find value in every point of engagement with your brand. Consistently delivering value requires that relevant content and context is delivered to users with each interaction. Intelitecht organizes our user experience strategy, experience mapping and experience design around the McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey, with a focus on…
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Data Utilization Maturity

“Big Data” is an ambiguous term. Sometimes it refers to data volume, sometimes to data variety, and sometimes to data velocity. All organizations have data collection challenges on at least one of these fronts if not more. But even where these challenges are being overcome through technology, the next challenge is in advancing the use…
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Social Media Intervention for Engagement and Intelligence

Event-related communication has always been at the heart of social media, from Twitter’s debut at SXSW in 2007 to the everyday sharing of check-ins, meals and parties in Foursquare and Facebook, to Oreo’s big marketing win with a single tweet during the 2013 Superbowl. As my colleague Daniel Honigman pointed out to me today, for…
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Overlapping Disciplines for Digital Marketing

I frequently use this space to write about the dangers and downfalls of organizational silos. As we move into 2013, I thought it might be useful to share a visualization of at least one way that digital marketing organizations could more effectively be structured to deliver against the multiple considerations required for effective digital experience…
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Strategy and Tactics: A Mutual Exclusion Fallacy

Going about the work of digital marketing, I frequently hear a common theme from clients and colleagues; “I/we don’t want to be stuck doing tactical work. I/we want to do more strategic stuff”. Being the “strategic partner” or the “strategy guru” setting direction and vision at 10,000 feet is what everyone seems to define as…
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Broad Sources of Big Data

Looking to build yourself a “big data” solution to drive cross-channel content personalization? Here is a broad set of systems you’ll need to snap together to make it work.

Organizational Politics, Digital Marketing, and the Optimization of Sub-optimal Strategies

This post appeared originally on February 22, 2012 in the iMediaConnection blog. Biased cultures of digital marketing testing in organizations exist because of risk-aversion in the management culture. In such environments, managers see little gain in expending political capital to try testing digital approaches that might not work, even if they also might work. This…
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Social Media Week Toronto

Had a great time at Social Media Week Toronto. Canada’s Globe and Mail and Marketing Magazine showed up to cover my presentation on measuring social media ROI. Here is the Globe and Mail article on measuring social media ROI and social media strategy. And a video interview with Scot Wheeler about Social Media ROI in…
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Facebook versus Semantic Web

One Step Forward, One Step Back From my standpoint as a marketing science data junkie, the Facebook changes announced at F8, while very cool from my perspective as a user, ultimately amounted to no change at all in my role as a data analyst. While personally I am already enjoying the new design and sharing…
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Social Media and Marketing: Evolution Not Revolution… Part II

The first part of this blog on social media and marketing arrived at the observation that questioning the value of social media to your business is fine, but not bothering to look for an answer will be deadly. Most businesses now understand that they cannot chose to ignore the question of how engagement in social…
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