User Experience Design

Architecting Better Data-driven Digital Experiences

User Experience Design

Good user experience design ensures that your customers find value in every point of engagement with your brand. Consistently delivering value requires that relevant content and context is delivered to users with each interaction.

Intelitecht organizes our user experience strategy, experience mapping and experience design around the McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey, with a focus on data to identify unique consumer types, life events, and the use of data to create relevant user experiences in all stages of the consumer decision journey.

intelCDJWhether you are engaging B2B or B2C customers, your potential to move them toward any desired outcome starts with something that triggers them to engage. Your opportunity to deliver the optimal user experience starts with your response to that trigger, and continues through to the customer’s decision and their experience after the decision until their next trigger arises.

If the customer is engaging with you for the first time, their journey will involve developing a consideration set and conducting active evaluation of that set. If you’ve engaged them successfully in the past – including a positive post-purchase experience – you may have built enough loyalty to bypass consideration of other brands. In any case, your success in moving customers from trigger to a decision in your favor to loyalty is the effective application of data

The data that guides successful user experience delivery should give you meaningful insights about relevant characteristics of your customers and the context around their engagement with you. The experience you deliver should remember all of your prior interactions with each customer, from every channel, and should anticipate what would be best to deliver next. Every time.

Making this happen requires the integration of strategy, design and technology with data and analytics at the center. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you bring all of these together to design and deliver the optimal user experience.