New Direction

Architecting Better Data-driven Digital Experiences

New Direction

I am very pleased to share the news that I’ve started a new position as Marketing Science Director with the digital agency Critical Mass here in Chicago.

I am extremely privileged and excited to be working with Shaina Boone (who brings a unique and impressive blend of left and right brained intelligence to the marketing sciences) and with everyone on the extraordinary marketing sciences team Shaina has built. And of course, it will be incredible fun to work in collaboration with the wealth of talent across all of Critical Mass’ capabilities in digital experience delivery for its very impressive roster of clients.

In my role as Marketing Science Director, I will be working with clients to document their business objectives for digital marketing, and will be leading teams to design, implement and maintain digital marketing measurement metrics, systems and processes which will drive and support those objectives.

This new position will provide an amazing array of resources and organizational support to bring into reality the ideals of data-driven marketing and business practice that Intelitecht was originally created to deliver.

Intelitecht itself will be transformed over time and under new operating management into a ‘sponsor organization’ dedicated to providing resources to Midwest-based entrepreneurs focused on delivering next-generation solutions for social business and the semantic web.

I am very excited to be joining the Critical Mass Marketing Science team at this point in its growth, and during a time of expanding vision and understanding of how businesses may be transformed when digital insights and measurement are integrated across channels and organizational silos in combination with integrated information and communications technologies. I definitely foresee great things for this team and for our clients.

My thanks go out to everyone who made this possible, and provided support, guidance and feedback throughout the process.