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Empowering Transformation Through Insight and Engagement

InteliStuff, the media and technology arm of Intelitecht, operates two content sites, and is preparing the launch of an AI-based self-awareness and wellness app in Q3 2023. Our book on Digital Analytics is available on Amazon.

Check out InteliStuff

Our consulting services to start-ups, SMBs and non-profits leverages 15 years of experience in managing high stakes delivery of products and services.

With a track record managing teams and businesses of up to 50 people for operations  up to $100 million, we'll bring a wealth of operational expertise to your organization. 

The non-profit Center for Narrative Awareness (CENTNA Foundation) delivers middle-school, high-school and adult curriculum that supports a safer and healthier relationship with digital media and its effects.

Visit the Center for Narrarive Awareness

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