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For Non-profits

We share your commitment to creating social value, and we want to help you achieve your goals. We believe that data that is applied to positive change is data put to its greatest good.

For you, getting the right message to the right people at the right time is critical to maintaining and renewing existing support and in finding new support. Intelitecht understands that while effective marketing is the lifeblood of your organization, you also want as much of your support as possible to go to your cause. We are committed to helping you build a strategy and technology approach that lets you do more with less and still deliver the most effective data-driven digital marketing possible.

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For Established Businesses

The ever-evolving digital marketing environment now requires brands to bring an unprecedented mix of expertise, innovation, insight and adaptability to their customer engagements and their market strategy.

Intelitecht will help you combine digital marketing expertise and data-driven strategy to develop and deliver the highly relevant digital experiences needed to maintain and grow B2B relationships and to establish and deepen B2C relationships. Whether we are helping you learn how to better apply data to your business, or assisting you in that transformation, or supporting your data-driven marketing and sales, Intelitecht delivers data-driven results.

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For Start-ups & Growing Firms

We have a passion for entrepreneurship, and nothing gives us a bigger thrill than combining strategy and data to establish and express tangible value for businesses, their investors and their customers.

Intelitecht will help you analyze and optimize the value that your product or service can generate when delivered to the right markets in the right ways. We can help you determine ways in which data can be applied to your product or app, help you design and build a data-driven marketing and business development strategy, and deploy cross-channel marketing and sales experiences optimized to achieve your marketing goals.

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