Social Media Intervention for Engagement and Intelligence

Event-related communication has always been at the heart of social media, from Twitter’s debut at SXSW in 2007 to the everyday sharing of check-ins, meals and parties in Foursquare and Facebook, to Oreo’s big marketing win with a single tweet during the 2013 Superbowl. As my colleague Daniel Honigman pointed out to me today, for […]

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The Elements of Influence

Many current discussions of online or social influence are focused on the “how” of measuring influence, exploring how the ever expanding wealth of digital data sources can be mashed-up to provide accurate estimates of a person’s ability to persuade others. These are valuable discussions for our current position on the social intelligence technology curve, and […]

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Reciprocity, Engagement and Value in Social Networks

Yes, another post about Empire Avenue – but only because it presents such an interesting little laboratory to examine the valuation of social media activity. In this week’s leader-board analysis, I noted that some of the leading brands in EA were not making purchases in their investors or other EA players. This lack of reciprocation […]

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Hitting the Right Notes

Online influence can be classified into two primary types; the individual influence of mavens, salespeople and connectors who achieve visibility and credibility within social media networks, and the shared influence that comes from being part of a networked response to a common problem.  There is no symphony without the conductor, the orchestra, and the sheet-music. […]

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The Hidden Side of Influence

A simple definition for an “influencer” is someone who has the leverage required to drive an outcome. Very often that leverage is held in the form of information. In the web2.0 world, information-driven influence is frequently understood as the extent to which information can be made public by any single source, that is, the “information […]

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The Influence of Framing on "Influence" and the miio Factor

My experience on the new site miio over the last several days has opened my eyes to what a difference terminology can make. The social psychologists refer to this form of cognitive bias as “framing”; the idea is that initial context will shape all following perceptions, experiences and behavior. Twitter was built around the idea […]

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The Practice of Influence: Brian’s Hybrid Theory

The write-up on Barcelona Principle Two below presents the importance of measurement in order to understand markets and exert influence to achieve business objectives. In that context, I thought it worth commenting on Brian Solis’ blog today introducing his Hybrid Theory Manifesto. I particularly like Brian’s definition of the hybrid workforce: “a workforce of cross-breeds […]

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We bring data and analytics to digital marketing; from digitally-grounded business planning and product design through customer insights, user experience design, business performance analytics, front and back end design and technical implementation.

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Continual advancement of digital into both work and play means abundant opportunity for the delivery of new digital and data oriented products and services. Intelitecht helps companies position, market and sell their data-driven technologies and services.