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Facebook versus Semantic Web

One Step Forward, One Step Back
From my standpoint as a marketing science data junkie, the Facebook changes announced at F8, while very cool from my perspective as a user, ultimately amounted to no change at all in my role as a data analyst. While personally I am already enjoying the new design and sharing elements, when I put on my marketing hat, I can only be disappointed that in their version of the “open graph”, Facebook remains the only party with full insight into any users’ integrated history, and the exchanges across the social graph created by its users.

What did not change with the redesign is that Facebook’s business is still built on targeted marketing. Its expansion of interest signaling from just “liking” to now any verb will certainly improve Facebook’s ability to target based on unique and shared interests. Every business on Facebook would benefit from an understanding of their consumers’ shared interests and key influences across their social graph, but Facebook retains a tight hold on their sole position as market-maker. Continue reading

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